Mind over matter

Brain Health Awareness

Are you beginning to notice signs of memory loss in yourself or your loved one? Do you have a family history of a memory disorder? Do you know how to manage the finances and legal matters of a family member with Alzheimer's Disease? Do you need access to available resources for persons with a memory disorder?

If you want to have these questions addressed and more, you should make plans to The Sigma Zeta Foundation in partnership with the Emory Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, for a Community Brain Health program on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Doors open at 8:30 am. This seminar will provide valuable information about memory disorders and their impact on individuals, families, and community.

Lunch is provided. Onsite memory screenings will take place at 8:30 am and the program will begin at 9:30 am. Contact Crystal Davis at 404-727-6696 for more information.

Register for free at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mind-over-matter-brain-health-awareness-program-tickets-47033516514